Potos is located at the South side of the island and its distance from the central ports of Limenas and Prinos is 45 and 28 kilometers respectively. With many hotels and rooms to rent, Potos is fairly characterized as the most cosmopolitan coastal village of Thassos. A tourist attraction suitable for any aged traveler.

Tourist souvenirs, clothes, shoes, countryside necessities and traditional products of Thassos are some of the goods that are found at the shops of the main sidewalk that leads to the beach of Potos. Coasts like Malama, San Antonio, Rosogkremos and Notos are easily accessible, rewarding each visitor in water and sand features. When weather conditions allow it, from the beach of Potos one can even see Agion Oros.

Furthermore, the cafes, bars, patisseries, creperies and night clubs along the beach road have contributed to Poto’s rapid tourist growth. The very well-known “Luna Park” located in the central crossroad is considered an area of entertainment for the small ones, attracting adventurous and energetic visitors. For the more courageous, Potos is active in sectors such as extreme sports providing scuba diving, jet ski, Parasailing, horse riding, go-kart, organized cycling tours and safaris to mountain destinations like Ypsarion Oros.

In adittion, a few kilometers from Potos one can find Giola. A natural sea lake surrounded by rocks, in one of the most dangerous edges of the coastline of Thassos. With waters even warmer than the ones of the sea, Giola is designated for a pleasant swim only for the most daring!

Concluding, Potos apart from the organized beaches, the crowded bars and the noisy parties, is a suitable destination for nature lovers. A coastal village in greenery where both asphalt and beach, are dominated by pine trees, olive trees, oregano and holly.